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HI FOLKS, Hey before we go any futher go to the task bar and click on VIEW, select full screen or hit F11 on your PC. Mac users your probably OK.

AH, that's better.

Your connection to Gunga Dave and the projects I'm involved with is here on Gungas Farm. Check it out from time to time and I'll add new stuff.

Doug Fraser and Pat ODonnell from the Thunder Band days called and we're putting together a set to do some shows around town. I've known P&D 35-40 years. WOW! Who could say no to getting together with those ole friends? To make things better in this combo my buddy Steve Shroy from the Foothill Diesel band is playing drums. Wow, what a bunch of geezers. (Hey, I think we'll call the band GEEZER.) But we're kicking ass, playin ROCK. Yep Rock. No pussy stuff in this band.
Also Bonnie Lee Bluestone, Ray Davis and myself are doing a little music project. No drummer as yet but ................. Blues with a Cajun flavor. Bonnie plays some sqeeze box.

Fun to be playing music with old friends. How lucky am I?

MY Grass Roots story is finally posted so take a peek a that.

Oh yea, the second volume of 'Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?' is out. It features the Grass Roots along with The Buckinghams, Sam & Dave (one of my faves) Bobby Goldsboro, The Moody Blues, Ray Stevens and Donnie Brooks. Check it out. Jeff March and Marti Smiley Childs did a great job. Thanks Guys.

Thanks to one and all. Email me when ya get a chance. Talk to you soon.

Gunga Dave

gunga in street

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