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HI FOLKS, Hey before we go any futher go to the task bar and click on VIEW, select full screen or hit F11 on your PC. Mac users your probably OK.


AH, that's better.


Your connection to Gunga Dave and the projects I'm involved with is here on Gungas Farm. Check it out from time to time and I'll add new stuff.


PLAN B is the latest project for  Gunga. Bonnie Lee Bluestone on keys including squeeze box, Jamie Eoff on the kit and Ray Davis playing guitar. I guess we'll call it Americana cause we can. A little bit of everything. Very danceable and fun. Good vocals. I'm lucky to be able to play with these OLD friends. Click the Plan B banner for more info.


With my retirement three years ago came new possibilities for music. No waking up at 4:45 AM. Plan B continues to be my main musical outlet but two others are a whole lot of fun.


A few years ago I worked with guitarist Jim Wilcox in a band called the Working Stiffs. We WERE all Working stuffs. Now that Jim and I retired we are working together again. Jim writes some great tunes and we will perform as a duo or a trio or a ? or ? Whatever it evolves in to we are having fun making good music.


A few weeks ago we lost a wonderful man and fellow bassist Randy Gibson to his battle with cancer. He played with his old friend Silky Mayer in a group ....Silky and Friends. I met both of them at Montavilla Stations Sunday jams. After Randys passing Silky ask if I would be interested standing in for Randy in Silky and Friends. I said I would be honered. Silky's music is a little different for this old rocker. Stevie Wonder, AWB, Styleistics, etc. It has been a learning experience and a joy playing with Silky. My head is spinning with new music. Lots to learn.



Fun to be playing music with these wonderful people. How lucky am I?


MY Grass Roots story is finally posted so take a peek a that.


Oh yea, the second volume of 'Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?' is out. It features the Grass Roots along with The  Buckinghams, Sam & Dave (one of my faves) Bobby Goldsboro, The Moody Blues, Ray Stevens and Donnie Brooks. Check it out. Jeff March and Marti Smiley Childs did a great job. Thanks Guys.


Thanks to one and all. Email me when ya get a chance. Talk to you soon.


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